Get in shape fast! A fun, sweaty circuit-based challenge awaits you each session. You will be led by Tim, our certified personal trainer through a series of movements including jumps, squats, holds, kicks, combinations, and surprises for an exhilarating, whole body workout including ABS and CORE. Lose fat, gain lean muscle mass and improve overall strength. Feel alive!


A challenging full body workout emphasizing core strength and development. Build heat, breathe, gain coordination, balance, and lean muscle. You will primarily use your own body weight (sometimes free weights) to perform exercises and movements in a continuous fashion with short intervals of rest. A certified personal trainer will guide you along as you sculpt, sweat, and feel amazing afterwards! This class is done barefoot and mats are provided. 

SHRED and box

Blast calories in this challenging full body workout with boxing, kicking and more. Super fun, fast paced and always sweaty. 

This was the best thing that happened to me in Chicago, I felt like I needed to do something to work my whole body and Tim’s classes do that in a quarter the time you would spend at the gym.
— Nicholas A